Survival Of The Dogs Book One

Chapter One:
A young wolf-pup padded through the forest excitedly as if she had seen a new animal or smelled a new scent. Her given name was BlueSky for her eyes that were blue like the clear morning sky. Just looking up at the sky made a smile always appear for she loved the warm, shining rays of the hot sun coursing all over her fur.

Born near a stick, she always kept it close to her as if she was trying to find solace and happiness in it. However, her happy and carefree days were about to change completely now. Of course, she had no idea what pain would be coming for her hence her current state of bliss.

BlueSky had soon returned from her walk around the forest and was now sitting with her brothers and sister who were right next to her mother and father. With a silent gesture to her many siblings from both her mother and father, they shortly left to learn how to hunt prey; after all, they were wolves and needed the essential skills of learning how to feed themselves.

BlueSky’s brother, DarkGrass, heard a crackling sound as he was walking along. His ears pricked up, alert, and started to increase his pace as he had never heard that type of sound before. Looking toward the cause of the noise and making out the distinct amber and yellow flames crawling up toward the sky, his eyes widened. Fire was in their forest, destroying the once beautiful and springy trees and turning it all black and charred. Smoke rose up above the roaring flames and into the clear, azure sky, soon clouding the warm sun’s rays from sight.

The two wolf pups started to run for their lives, but BlueSky had stopped suddenly and was now looking back over at the raging fire. She had forgotten that she had brought the stick with her and it was now, likely, sitting near or in the forest fire itself. The stick was her only source of some sort of happiness and it was now being quickly burnt away and picked at by the greedy flames that sought nothing but to destroy every living being’s rightful homes.

Grasping the hot stick up in her mouth, having had raced back to the edge of the flames moments earlier, she started to run. BlueSky ran far away, far from her once peaceful home. Losing her brother, DarkGrass, and leaving her parents and siblings to die in the merciless fire, she showed them no mercy. After all, they would have no hope of survival if they had stuck around to search for her when she had disappeared.

The stick soon let another forest on fire. BlueSky walked away from all of her troubles, still carrying her stick. Later on, she found a mate, had puppies. Her new family died and she soon found another. This cycle continued on and on.

However, the dogs had started to breed with the wolves. Even though they were still dogs, they considered themselves wolves at heart. Born to show no mercy and care for those they despised.

A young German Shepherd who went by the name of CanineClaw, was currently eating some deer meat. The deputy approached the young canine and instructed her to go check on the sick pups because of the lack of medics in the camp. With a swift nod of obedience, she sprinted toward the pups’ den and glanced over them, instantly seeing how one didn’t move at all. Now, CanineClaw had to go tell either her parents or the leaders.

With that in mind, she sprinted out of the den and headed toward the leaders’ side of the camp. Stopping in front of the entrance, she smirked faintly at the sight that lay before her. They were dead with blood dripping from their necks. Lifeless eyes stared blankly above at the ceiling. Gone; never to return to humanity. CanineClaw had finally killed her parents.

CanineClaw ran to the deputy to tell them about the “murder” of the two leaders. He reacted angrily, lapsing into denial of the deaths that had just occurred for he was so close to CanineClaw’s parents.

She muttered afterwards, “Finally, they’re dead.” The deputy looked at the pup questioningly, asking her what she meant by that.

Of course, with CanineClaw’s blazing act of tyranny, she asked the deputy if he could follow her somewhere. He agreed and so, the two padded into the forest and walked into a part of the forest that was rather unknown to the members of the pack.

Swiftly turning around, she lashed out with her claws at the deputy’s neck to which blood started to immediately seep from the large gash, spilling scarlet drops onto the dewy grass. She continued with the merciless killing of the deputy which would be considered as homicide.

As the deputy lay on his side, blood flowing out from his various wounds, he started to mutter with his last breath to his killer, “Tyrant… you will never be accepted as the new leader with your low status, petty little pup.” With that, he left this earth and proceeded to climb to the heavens above with BlueSky by his side.

Now, CanineClaw had blood all over her mouth and paws. She didn’t know what to do next. Would she be able to get away with murder by lying to the pack? No, the chances of that would be slim if they could smell the fresh blood on her. Of course, adding to her dilemma, there was no source of water nearby.

And so, she sat in the forest alone, thoughts of murder plaguing her fragile mind which soon led into her becoming insane by the dark thoughts. She could never return to the group now, there had to be a replacement for her while she was in this state of mind.

Was the German Shepherd really a hopeless cause?

… Yep. She was hopeless, for sure. Unless.. she could have help and then returned that way.

Quietly, a young wolf walked towards CanineClaw and averted her direction from the corpse lying next to the bloodstained canine. Said canine looked depressed at the moment, her expression troubled. The newcomer sat beside CanineClaw mutely. She appeared to be a pup as well.

She soon spoke up, “What is your name?”

CanineClaw stared at the wolf pup, unwilling to answer her.

Finishing off, the pup said, “I’m SilverStone. You know, I would like to have a reply from you or you’ll end up like him over there.”

“… CanineClaw.” SilverStone nodded, pleased with the dog’s smart decision.

Now, SilverStone asked the other dog strangely, “Do you know what I am?”

“Maybe a husky? I’m not sure, really. I would ask my pack for the answer, but I can’t return now. I just killed three of my kind.”

SilverStone interjected, “If they are a real pack, then they will forgive you for your crimes.”

“Are you sure about that?” CanineClaw asked back quite shyly.

In reply, SilverStone gave CanineClaw a long stare before saying, “What do you think?”

Morbidly, CanineClaw responded, her voice being low, “Yes?”

“Well, go! Tell them! I’ll be right behind you!” SilverStone exclaimed, gesturing with her tail vaguely in the direction of where CanineClaw’s camp laid. They both stood up and started to make their way back to CanineClaw’s pack to see if they would have the answer to SilverStone’s question and also, if they would forgive CanineClaw of her horrid actions.

Chapter Two:
CanineClaw and SilverStone traveled back through the forest which had started to reveal parts of the Fire Pack’s territory. CanineClaw was steadily growing ever more frightened by the prospect of her confessing, but she also knew that she had to tell them the truth.

When they entered the territory, the Dalmatian who was pacing around the area caught a brief enough glimpse of a bloodied German Shepherd. He was a Beta or otherwise known as the third canine in charge, so he knew what the leaders’ scents smelled like for being in close contact with them.

The male then tackled CanineClaw to the ground causing the young wolf’s head to hit the ground so hard to where her teeth pointed outwards permanently. That also meant that she could never properly close her mouth again.

Then, the Dalmatian moved in to bite CanineClaw’s paw and scarlet drops of blood splattered onto the ground. SilverStone growled, putting a paw down in warning. The Dalmatian flattened his ears, but backed up and off of the young German Shepherd.

“CanineClaw, why did you kill them?” the Beta sharply asked.

“I want to be the leader and no one will get in my way! If I have to kill to get there, then so be it!”

The Dalmatian male widened his eyes in shock, feeling terror course through him at the young she-wolf’s behavior. Then, without any more questions from him, he sent her to live with the pups as he would become the next leader of the Fire Pack.

SilverStone spoke up at that moment, questioning if the Beta, now next leader, if he knew what she was.

“You’re a wolf!” he barked out, before sending her off to live in the pups’ den as well.

Whilst in the camp, CanineClaw looked around for her brother, DeathClaw, but could not find him anywhere. Huh, where is he?

Speaking of, DeathClaw had started to move away from the Fire Pack’s territory. He was done with them, his hatred for his sister wanting to be leader so badly fueling him.

From now on, he could be the founder of his own pack: the Ice Pack. Yes, that sounded about right...
DeathClaw sprinted towards an open area of grass in a snowy biome. He had a deep passion for winter for he enjoyed every moment of it. Then, DeathClaw marked his territory in the area and started to look for members.

CanineClaw confessed to the Fire Pack that she killed her parents and the deputy to her CareTaker and the Leader. They were very disappointed in her behavior, but amazed at her strength as a pup.

CanineClaw had a hard time confessing for she could not close her mouth. Her teeth were permanently damaged.

Chapter Three:


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  2. I didn't understand this. I do now. I have a plan for Blood Dawn, and it is better than i had.

  3. Blood Dawn's Profile
    Type: Kugsha breed with Wolf
    Personality: Ruthless to everyone except one's she chooses to care for, which is few. Would rather hunt alone. Annoyed easily, but not incredibly easily. Family's motto: "Hunt. Be ruthless. Don't Get Killed."
    Way of hunting: Stealth. Attack first. Pride.
    hope this helps.. sorry if it was random.


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