Sunday, March 6, 2016

AJ Post!

Hey guys, Kimberley082 here with a post. I decided to make a post about the recent things on AJ. Starting from the updates, skunks are here...
Also, there's a Lucky Clover adventure, and a Lucky Clover den! Speaking of the den, you guys should go check out Harmonypurr9's Dog Pack den, it's pretty cool! Anyways, there's always one update where it's super awesome, and that was last update where the Goats came out! Anywho, this post will also consist of the dog pack, because we're going to start the roleplay soon, and I'm very excited :) I guess that's it for this post, I think it was a bit too short, but CanineClaw has posted some cool speedpaints in the earlier posts, that you can check out. Bye for now!


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